Hand fed baby Indian Ringnecks

Baby Indian Ringnecks $650-975 1 grey available, 1 turquoise lacewing, 1 turquoise violet very rare and special hatched 2/14/2015 weaned and ready for a forever home Well if you read my story in the introduction part of this website you will know that I am very partial to Indian Ringnecks!!  In my opinion they are simply […]

Baby Crimson Bellied Conures

Baby Crimson Bellied Conures $750 3 available Now accepting to deposits to hold until weaned Crimson Belly conures are one of the most bright and beautiful.  They are exceptionally smart, cuddly and playful and make wonderful companions.  They are great at learning tricks and can learn to speak.   They are a relatively quiet conure […]

Rose Breasted (Galah) Cockatoo

Rosebreasted (galah) $1800 1 available hatched 4/30/2015 We will accept a 50% deposit to hold until weaned. Rose breasted cockatoos are extremely popular due to their gentle playful nature.  Their colors are gorgeous and they are considered the “quiet cockatoo”.

Hand Fed Baby Cockatiels

Sweet hand Fed Baby Cockatiels $175  4 Available Weaned and ready for forever homes Cockatiels make wonderful companions when hand raised they are affectionate birds who can learn to talk and whistle.  Often under appreciated due to their lower price and availability, if you take the time to get to know a cockatiel you will […]

Hand Fed Baby Umbrella Cockatoos

Hand Fed Baby Umbrella Cockatoos $2200   Hatched 2/1/2013 1 available now being hand fed we will accept a 50 % deposit to hold until weaned. Umbrella Cockatoos are huge cuddlers!!  If you have a desire to have a snuggly bird that will love to spend every second it can squeeze out of you just […]

Eclectus Babies

Solomon Island Eclectus Babies $1650-1800 2 available Hatched 3/15/2015 Now being hand fed will accept a 50% deposit to hold until weaned.  We have both solomon island and red sided babies available at this time. Solomon island are $1650 and the red sided are $1800   Please read more about these amazing birds on our […]

African Grey Congo Babies

African Grey Congo $1800   1 Available Hatch 3/28/2015 we will take a 50% deposit to hold African Grey Congo’s have now hatched!!  This popular bird probably needs no introducation.  However for those few who don’t know them.  They are an extremely intelligent parrot, can be very complex and extremely deep feeling.  They are famed for […]

Baby Blue and Gold Macaw

  Blue and Gold Macaw $1850 Only 1 available Hatched feb. 2015 50% deposit hold until weaned. Blue and gold macaws are gorgeous loving creatures and one of the most popular to keep as a companion parrot.  They can get extremely loud of course so are not recommended for those with a low noise tolerance […]