Yellow Collared Macaw

  Very Sweet yellow collared macaw.  This poor baby was once a beloved family member and then sadly ended up being left alone in a room for the last couple of years. This guy craves human affection and attention.  These birds have gotten increasingly hard to come by.  They are a mini mac and so […]

Hand Fed Baby Indian Ringneck

Hand Fed Baby Indian Ringneck $550-650 (price varies based on color)(picture depicts colors potentially available from these particular parents, babies are still too young to determine their color as yet) 4Available   Hatched 3/11, 3/13,3/15,3/17/2014 We are currently accepting deposits to hold until weaned Well if you read my story in the introduction part of […]

Alexandrine Parakeets

Alexandrine Babies $975  3 available now taking deposits to hold until weaned (alexandrine babies are very popular and go quickly!) Although Alexandrines are in the Keet family do not confuse them with a Budgie parakeet these birds are considered medium sized parros and get upto 27″ in length!!!  I personally love these birds and keep […]

Panama Amazons

Panama Amazons $1650 2 available we are currently taking to deposits to hold until weaned Rare in the pet trade at the present time, the Panama has never failed to live up to its reputation as one of the finest pet birds available.    It is one of the most desirable Amazons to have as […]

Umbrella Cockatoo

Umbrella Cockatoo  $600 Super friendly Male umbrella cockatoo.  About 7 years old and a total sweet heart.  As all cockatoos has his loud moments but not continously.  He is fun and loves music and dancing.  He is great with people very affectionate.  His feathers are a little rough but with some love and tlc they […]

Baby Green Wing Macaw

Baby Green Wing Macaw $2800 2 available Hatched currently being hand fed a 35% deposit will hold until weaned Green wing macaws are stunning birds, they are quite a bit larger than a blue and gold macaw and are considered one of the largest birds in the parrot family along with the hyacinth and buffons. […]

Baby Catalina Macaws

Baby Catalina Macaws $2200  3 available UPDATE ONLY ONE LEFT Hatch3/1/, 3/3,2014  We will accept a 35% deposit to hold until weaned. A Catalina Macaw is a very beautiful Hybrid Macaw a cross between the striking Scarlet Macaw and Blue and Gold Macaw. Image is of an older baby catalina to show their beautiful colors […]

Hand Fed Baby Cockatiels

Sweet hand Fed Baby Cockatiels $175  4 Available Weaned and ready for forever homes Cockatiels make wonderful companions when hand raised they are affectionate birds who can learn to talk and whistle.  Often under appreciated due to their lower price and availability, if you take the time to get to know a cockatiel you will […]

Hand Fed Baby Budgies

Hand Fed Baby  Budgies $75 5 available These babies are weaned and ready for a forever home Hatched 1/30/2014 These often under appreciated beauties actually make terrific companions when hand fed and well socialized.  They are every bit as interactive and a loyal friend as any other parrot.  I think you will find them surprisingly […]

Baby Blue Fronted Amazons

Baby blue fronted Amazons $1650 only 1 available We are currently taking deposits to hold until weaned Blue Front Amazons are absolutely amazing birds!!  Their TALKABILITY is phenomenol along with their ability to learn and sing full songs. They make great family members that can be enjoyed by all.  They are certainly a very entertaining […]

Baby Blue and Gold Macaw

  Blue and Gold Macaw $1850 Only 1 available Hatched May 2013 Weaned and ready for a forever home