Hand Fed Baby Meyers Parrots

Baby Meyers Parrots $650 2 available hatched 7/1/2014 weaned and ready for a forever home learn more about the sweet Meyers parrot by clicking on the heading “Meyers Parrots” under the pictures on the home page.  These birds are snuggly, smart and considered a quiet parrot.  

Hawk Headed Parrot

Hawk Head Parrot $1500 This sweet but quirky bird is full of personality.  They are rare and beautiful birds but have complex personalities.  This particular one is an 8 year old adult male, who takes sometime to warm up and trust.  Once he does he can be very loving.  He does talk and can be […]

Derbyan Babies

Derbyan $875  1 Available hatch 5/25/2013 Derbyans are rare and beautiful birds.  Sadly so revered that their numbers are almost extint in the wild due to poaching.  These fantastic birds can learn quite an extensive vocabulary and grow to about 20″ in length.  They are exquisite creatures however can be loud so are not suited […]

Rose Breasted (Galah) Cockatoo

Rosebreasted (galah) $1450 1 available hatched 5/30/2014 weaned and ready for  a forever home Rose breasted cockatoos are extremely popular due to their gentle playful nature.  Their colors are gorgeous and they are considered the “quiet cockatoo”.

African Grey Congos

Congo African Grey Babies $1650 2 available Hatched 10/12/2014 now being hand fed a 35% deposit will hold until weaned African Greys are highly intelligent parrots, it is said they have the brain of a 5 year old and a mentality of a 3 year old.  They require lots of mental stimuli to keep them […]

Hand Fed Baby Hahns Macaws

Baby Hahns Macaws $1050 UPDATE ONLY 1 STILL AVAILABLE 3 available Hatched 7/1 , 7/3, 7/5/2014 Now weaned and ready for a forever home Hahns are extremely popular birds.  They are the smallest of the Mini Macaws and have personality plus!!  They have all the character and intelligence of the big guys in a small […]

Baby Blue and Gold Macaws

  Baby Blue and Gold Macaws $1850   2available Hatched 9/18, 9/20/2014  

Indian Ringneck Parrot

Grey Female Indian Ringneck $375 3 years old extremely sweet, loves to give kisses, talks a little still young so can learn so much more.    

Baby Scarlet Macaw

Hand fed baby scarlet macaw $2200 1 available Now being hand fed a 35% deposit will hold until weaned. Scarlet macaws are extremely playful and very devoted creatures.  Their beauty is captivating. Scarlets are often misunderstood and labeled a bitey bird.  In reality a scarlet is just playful and loving.  They will often see you […]

White Capped Pionus

Hand Fed Baby White Capped Pionus $850 Very loving and affectionate, happy beautiful bird.  Just weaned and ready for a forver home.

Baby Yellow Shouldered Amazon

Baby Yellow Shouldered Amazon $1400    Only 2 Available Now weaned and ready for forever homes   Also known as Barbies, these amazing amazons are Rare and an endangered species in the wild. I have read on some sites that they are not good talkers, boy is that a lie!!!  I found over the years […]