Baby Princess of Wales

$475 1 available hatch 7-7-2015 currently being hand fed   a 50 % deposit will hold until weaned This baby is an only child and so sweet and so intelligent.  There is just something so unique about this baby’s personality.  This sweetie is going to make someone a wonderful companion.   Princess of Wales are beautiful […]

Double Yellow Headed Amazon

$850 This sweet bird is about 7 years old and very loving.   Like all amazons he can get moody when it’s breeding season but is a lover orherwise.  One of the things  I  appreciate about amazons is that while they do tend to have hormone swings at a certain time of the year,  they […]

Hand Fed Baby Quakers

Baby Quaker Parrots ( a.k.a Monk Parrots)  $475 2 Available Hatched 7/15/2015 Now being hand fed Baby Quakers.  We will accept a 50% deposit to hold until weaned o Quakers are amazing birds, they are affectionate and fun loving.  Quakers are silly birds, and great little talkers.  They are not overly loud but can be quite chattery. […]

Eclectus Babies

Red Sided Eclectus Babies $1650 2 available Hatched  7/30/2015  a 50% deposit will hold until weaned.   Please read more about these amazing birds on our home page under the Eclectus title beneath the picture section.